Benefits of PSD to WordPress for Business

WordPress is beyond comparison for its convenience in use, simplicity, security and a lot of other features which help the user to create a unique and tailored website for the business.


WordPress: A platform with thousands of themes and plugins:

Your website cannot stand out until it has exclusive features and attention gaining design. An appealing website is the need of today and WordPress is giving the perfect opportunity to the businesses to make their online presence dominant and distinct in the market. If you see the WordPress plugin directory, thousands of plugins are available, sufficient to fulfil the needs of every business.


Cost-effective in use:

This open-source platform is free to use and supported by a large community of developers who come forward to provide the solutions for any possible problem.

As a business, you are required to upgrade your plan but it is also cheap. It is a self-hosted platform so you can easily start using it after conversion and initiate building your online presence.


Simple to use and manage:

You do not have to depend on others for modifications and management of your WordPress website. You can make the initial changes but most of the business owners hire professionals as they have full command over the use of plugins and they can optimize and manage your website well.

The web interface of the WordPress is clean and simple to use and it has played a crucial role in making WordPress top choice for business websites.


Advanced content editing and publishing options:

Many developers choose WordPress as it is a great platform for editing and publishing of content. A good content strategy requires the posting of the content according to the schedule or timetable. WordPress allows to do so by rendering advanced features for content publishing.

Different post statuses can be used as a draft, pending reviews and live statuses which permits you to have more control.


Create search friendly websites:

It creates the websites which are search engine friendly as well as performed well on the mobile devices. You have a complete control over the making the certain web page rank higher than others.

The built-in functionalities of this platform help you indexing the website higher on search results. Mobile friendliness is also a major factor for gaining high visibility as people tend to use mobiles more for searching.

Above mentioned benefits are basic which helps to create business centred websites and also facilitate you to add user favorite features in your website.

Already using the WordPress for your business website? Tell us about your favourite plugin and how it helps your business!


PsdConverters offers PSD conversion services in Dubai-UAE. The services provided include PSD to HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other popular CMS platforms. The professionals are highly expert in delivering high quality conversion services in the form of unique, high functional and well performed website which revolves around your business and provides audience with the best user experience.

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Boost the speed of WordPress site: A Guide to useful WP Super Cache

Is the website you intend to open takes more time? Ok, so you have tried more than once and still slow loading time? We face this issue many times while browsing on the internet and when finding these sort of lazy websites, we do not turn back to them? Right?

The above mentioned could happen to you if you don’t provide your users with the best experience of the website visit. If you are using the WordPress then you should use WP cache plugin for a speed boost.


A bit about WP Super Cache:

This speed boosting and the user-friendly plugin works by creating the static HTML files from your dynamic blogs. These comparatively lightweight HTML files are served to the users and can be reused many times during the visit. In this way, the page loads faster and becomes convenient for the visitors.

All the visitors of your website can view the site if they are not log in or those who do not left the comments. This is a free plugin and easy to use for the beginners.


The first step is the installation of WP Super Cache:

You do not require searching for the plugin on the internet but the option is right there on your WP dashboard. It is listed in the plugin directory of the WP. You have to:

  1. Go to the plugins.
  2. Click on add new.
  3. Search for your desired plugin that is Super Cache.
  4. Hit the install button.

After the completion of plugin installation, the activate button will appear on your screen. Click on the Activate button. The plugin will activate but there are still more clicks to finally start it as the speed booster.


It’s done! Start to skyrocket your website speed:

In this step you have to go to setting then WP Super Cache plugin in the dashboard. Select caching on and click the update status. This starts improving the speed of your website.

Other given options are to further go to speed improvement or prevent caching related issues.


Advanced settings for big speed boosting:

The advanced setting tab has options of cache delivery method, miscellaneous and advanced setting. Modifying these setting helps you to greatly improve the function of the website.

  • Few changes in this section will optimize your website.
  • Switch from simple to expert and then update status.
  • Compress the files so that the page can be loaded quicker.
  • Enable the only refresh current page when comments made to enable the visitors viewing the current comment on the post.


PsdConverters is a PSD file converter company which is involved in the quality conversion of PSD files to different CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and others. Unique and attractive websites are developed having the required features which serves as the best to catch the attention of your target audience in the first few minutes of the website visit. Want to grow your business? We design a custom and fully functional website for you.

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A Social Media guide for Startup Companies

The fact is social media is vital for the businesses of all stages. In the digital world, we are heading towards a new direction of more interactive and novel ways of marketing and advertisement. These methods are fulfilling the customer’s expectation and help the brands to convert more audience into loyal customers.


Social media sites have billions of audience:

In 2017, the number of social media users was 2.4 billion which is expected to surpass 3 billion in the coming years. It has made it a powerful and attractive platform for the businesses to outreach new markets and keep the customers engaged in lasting relationships.

Here are the 5 key points which will guide you about the social selling ways to grow your business.


Craft amazing content for posts:

There are varying types of content like text, video and others which effectively keep the audience engaged with your website. In the content, it is important to create honest, authentic and credible content.

Videos can be added to your content to tell your story, introduce your team or for the tutorials. Videos have more engagement rate than the written text and have a greater influence.


Link your posts to the website:

Ensure that your posts have the links which open your website when clicking on it. The best thing about social media sites is that you can build a bridge between your website and the social profiles to drive the large traffic to your website.

Add social links on your website blogs too so that these can be shared across social platforms.


Follow the similar pages:

This misconception is common that following the pages of the competitors and the businesses which offers the same products or services as yours affects you negatively.

But this is not true.

Keep in mind that meaningful relationships with your competitors don’t steal your audience but actually, it inspires the people on their sites to have a visit to your website.


Be an active participator on social media groups:

The discussions on the groups are an essential way to access the professionals (on LinkedIn) and the target audience. By providing the valuable answers and giving your views on the relevant topics impart an impressive impression on your audience who may then start following you.

It is the first step of audience engagement. Try to make it as impactful as possible.


Promote your Facebook posts on Twitter and others:

Cross promotion of the pots is highly beneficial for you. It is important to generate the content type according to the site but the matched content can be shared on other sites too.

It also prevents you from creating too many contents.


Seoexperts is an SEO agency in Dubai-UAE. Other services offered are social media marketing, PPC and email marketing. Quality services are provided which increase the mentions of your business on social media sites and direct your business to the path of sustained growth.

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6 Tips to create urgency and Boost Conversion

Tricking the minds of people with colours and other psychological factors are old tactics used in marketing. From that time, these have been proved as working and that is the reason behind its use in today’s marketing domain.


1- Solve the problem of people and offer what they desire:

Creating a sense of urgency does not mean that you just directly reach to the selling point with irrelevant products. As described above, scarcity and urgency are the tactics which are used by most of the marketers so your target audience is pretty much well aware of it.

The only way to really attract and engage with the loyal audience is by offering them something which they really want.


2- The feeling of scarcity in the content:

Not just the taglines show the urgency but the content tone should also depict it and urge the prospects to purchase.

But you cannot just include the words of ‘buy now’ and other similar words rather you can craft an interesting and honest content which people like. It increases the chances of purchasing from you because they will feel your business as credible and trustworthy.


3- Use the words which show urgency:

A persuading CTA and powerful words creates a big difference and influence the buying decision of the target audience. Words which show a shortage of time trick the mind and increase the likelihood of conversion:

  • Last chance
  • Hurry up
  • Now
  • Quickly
  • Limited offer
  • Quick or instant
  • Don’t miss the offer


4- Connect your urgent offer with a bad situation:

Our brain elicits a response of urgency when it feels danger or any negative situation.

This feeling is great to ignite the flame of urgency and make the customers take instant action to the offer. For example, if you use the words as ‘Check out this offer for preventing disasters in your businesses’, the word ‘disaster’ shows something bad and it compels the people to take intended action.


5- Personalize your offer:

Personalization is the way of making more customers and inspires them to take action in your favour. When you email the offers to your prospects and customers, making them personalize will increase the sense of being ‘special’ in their minds which pave the path for conversion.

So research and acquire the data according to the last search made and send offers according to it.


6- Carefully crafted subject lines give you more:

Including the words which show urgency in the subject lines has a great impact on your audience. It pushes them to read the email and click on the given link. If they find it useful, the possibility of conversion increases.


Seoexperts is a Dubai based agency which offers the services of SEO, PPC and social media marketing. The experts have knowledge of the latest marketing trends and understand the requirements of different businesses. It leads us to devise the custom marketing strategies which enable the clients to nourish the business and increase the revenue.

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Can simply a Web Designer run a successful Business?

In the digital realm, there are no limits. You can do whatever you desire by having sufficient knowledge, skills and resources to do that. Learning is a continual process and internet, the biggest source of information which will help you providing tons of data relevant to the digital area you are going to jump in.

But really is it that easy?


Can a web designer successfully run a business?

Becoming the owner of a successful business is not a matter of few days or few months it takes years and years of hard work, passion, resilience and the ability to explore the opportunities.

A web designer has the basic and fundamental knowledge of the web designs, current trends, layouts, expertise in coding, data analysis, and providing the best navigational experiences. But when you start your own business, you should have a hold on the basic knowledge in the areas of SEO, marketing and advertising, especially on social media platforms too.

Founding a digital business is not a difficult task financially as it the cost-effective way and instead of having a physical store. Computer and internet are already your companions so you just need to create a stunning website, have clear focus and keep sharp eyes on the evolving digital trends.


The qualities possessed by the owner of a progressing business:

Fortunately, there is no skill which cannot be developed. If you want then you could be a master in any skill. In the same way, if you are not a ‘God-gifted’ businessman then you can be one by learning, adopting new change and working hard.


Leadership qualities:

A leader is the one who takes the team members with him, teach them and help them grow as you cannot run a business without other professionals by your side.



Setting a goal is the foremost step in a business. You should know the trends which are needed to apply or adopt in order to move in the right direction.


Have a passion to grow immensely:

As discussed earlier, success in the business does not achieve overnight. You should have patience and extreme passion towards your work.


Have necessary tools and resources:

Tools and resources are as important as the skills. The proper resource will help you to compete in the market and stand out of your competitors.


Should be an excellent planner and marketer:

The intended results cannot be achieved if you do not know which step to take next. Research helps to get the insights for a brilliant planning. Moreover, smart marketing skills help you to grow further.


Yasir Jamal is an experienced web designer and developer in Dubai-UAE. He refined his skills by working on the projects related to different industries and it has made him understand the difference and how to successfully deliver the solutions according to the business needs. That’s what made him successfully render the best solutions of web designing, SEO, branding and others which are required for a dominant business.


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Top Trends in Email Marketing in 2018

The change cannot be stopped especially in the digital realm. It is ever evolving and continues to lead the businesses towards better.

Email marketing also undergoes several changes and the only way to become dominant is to keep up with these latest trends.


Artificial intelligence – For creating emails more personalized:

For the past few years, artificial intelligence is making waves in the digital world. AI uses data to know about the behaviour and provide useful results.

Like other industries, AI is appearing as a new trend in the email marketing too. It will help in segmenting the email lists, suggesting the products according to the interest and making the emails more personalized.


Videos – For increasing engagement:

Videos have more engagement rates than the written content, shown by studies. Including videos in your emails significantly persuade the subscribers to open and read the email with performing the desired action of a website visit.

To make the emails more interactive and interesting, you can include images, social share buttons, GIFs and other add to cart options.


Mobile friendliness – For improving the outreach:

The Internet is the portal which takes you into another world and mobile is the most convenient way of browsing using the internet. A large number of the people are expected to access their emails through mobile phones.

To get the most from the email marketing, you should create mobile-friendly emails which look perfectly on mobile devices without any image stretching, horizontal scrolling and others issues.


Trigger-based emails – For right emails on right time:

Monitoring the actions taken by the customers and sending them the email according to it now becomes easier with email drip campaign.

It tracks the activity and sends the most appropriate pre-made emails to the subscriber. If someone has just signed up for your emails then the drip campaign automatically sends the welcoming emails to the newcomer. It is the perfect way of sending the most relevant email which is hard to ignore.


Bonus content – For keeping the audience stick to your emails:

There should be more diverse content in your emails which helps you to last your relationship with the customers.

With the emails comprise of business updates or information related to your products or services, it is crucial to keep the target audience engaged with another type of interesting content like tutorials, guides, tips, recipes or the latest news of your industry.


Final Words:

For years, email marketing has been showing great results to the businesses of all sizes. It might feel difficult to catch up with the latest trends but it will provide you with many benefits which increase the traffic to your website and tie more audience in lasting relationship.


The implementation of working strategies is what required for successful email marketing. Seoexperts is an SEO agency in Dubai-UAE. It offers professional services of SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media marketing. Want increased subscribers who open your email and click to your website? If yes, Soexperts should be your destination.

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6 Amazing and free WordPress Backup Solutions

In case of emergency, you may need the complete website backup. For getting the information about 6 most incredible and free WordPress backup solutions, here you have the benefits and features discussed in this blog.



This backup plugin has good reviews and a 4.9-star rating. Its automated backups made it easy and simple to use. If you want to upgrade your website, it provides you with a feature of transferring the live website to a local host. It also offers the manual backup solution.

Experienced professionals and people having the average technical knowledge can use it without any difficulty and if you are a beginner, a little support will be needed.


Backup WordPress:

One of basic reason for its high installation rates may be its easy working with the shared host environment and its ability to function optimally at the low memory. Full support is provided in various languages which have made it simpler to understand and use.

It is an automated backup for the WordPress website having a community which is always ready for the support if you need any help.


WP Time capsule:

This plugin backup the changes on the website according to the schedule to Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon. Easy to use for both the beginner and professionals, time capsule backup the files then compressed and zipped them.

The process of restoration is quick and fast but it does not backup the complete website every time. Only the modified databases and files can be restored.



It’s a website backup application that has a built-in security feature. You can easily restore the website anywhere but the location should be compatible with the website. It can store multiple copies of the website to different locations.

XCloner works as a Joomla extension and provides full support through forums and memberships. It requires the hosting environment of PHP, 5.2.0.


BlogVault Real-Time Backup:

In case your data have deleted or hacked, BlogVault Real-Time Backup is a reliable solution to restore your data. Using this plugin, sites can be migrated too. It provides the 30 days backup history so you can have a record of your daily backups.

When your site crashes, you lose all the data and backups too but this incredible plugin creates an offsite backup which keeps your data safe and stored in BlogVault’s server.


MyRepono Backup Plugin:

The plugin enables you to automate the backup process of the website which includes all the posts, comments, templates, plugin files and others.

It can backup mySQL tables or complete mySQL databases. The restore is encrypted which keeps the transmission and storage of files secure. An unlimited number of the website can be restored with a single account which can be viewed through file management tools.


PsdConverters offers professional and quality services for PSD file conversion to HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other renowned platforms. Unique websites are created which revolve around the need of the business and can effectively attract your audience for engagement and high conversions.

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