Create an attractive Website with easy-to-use JQuery Plugins

An efficient and appealing website design is all that is required for a good user experience. For developing a website various Java and other programing language play an important role in providing the desired user interface and better user experience.

JQuery is a lightweight and feature-rich JavaScript Library which hit the market with the motto of ‘Do more, write less’. With the ease of coding as its major feature, the handy plugins which add amazing effects to the websites also became the chief reason for its popularity. The interactive JQuery plugins produce such effects which provide a refined user experience and meet the requirements of an attractive website.


Yottie – a great YouTube Plugin:

Want to add the incredible video on your website? Yottie provides the best way to include the video content on the website which it deserves!

It organizes the video on your website and you can deliver the required information through it to your audience. You can either add few selected videos, a playlist or full Youtube account, the only restriction is the number of videos that can be added.


Formify Pro – elegant form creation plugin:

Want to add a new look in your website forms as registration forms, login and user review forms? If you desire a unique look to the website from each aspect then Formify.Pro is for you. It also deploys the comments solutions and checkout forms.

It has left the developers in wow and its retina display support provides a clear website navigation experience to the retina users.


Bricks.js – a cool layout generator:

Now grid layouts are not hard anymore when you have bricks.js installed.

It has made the work of the developers easy when it comes to create masonry type designs. So the portfolio, galleries, card type designs can be created where the content is needed to be arranged in columns and grids. You just have to enter the number of grids you require and impressive grids will be on your screen.


Animateclick – for captivating animations:

Who doesn’t like animation? Your target audience surely likes the interactive animations on the websites so there isn’t any reason to hesitate.

For nourishing the better customer engagement and satisfaction, animation triggers the user to take the desired action. An animation has more power than the static design for grabbing the attention of the user effectively.


ResponsifyJS – makes the image optimization easily:

Become tired of optimizing the images so that they deliver high performance and user-friendly?

Take this worry off your head because now you do not have to fight with complex JavaScript and browsers to get the high level of convenience and ease for image inclusion. This plugin helps you to resize images for different devices in seconds.


Psdconverters is a PSD conversion provider in Dubai-UAE. The services include the PSD conversion to HTML, Joomla, Magento, WordPress and others. Unique websites with interactive features are developed using these popular CMS platforms which offer innumerable plugins for customized and eye catchy websites.

Article By: PsdConverters

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