Great Ways of getting more Leads by Optimizing Website Images

You have optimized your website from each facet but did you think about images?

It is the most overlooked part when it comes to optimization. High-quality images with reduced file size have a great impact on the generation of leads and conversions.


Optimized image=high loading speed=more leads and conversions:

This is the simplest magic formula through which you can easily and clearly understand the importance of image optimization.

You cannot run your business on success path unless you optimize and monitor your website for SEO. Page loading speed is a crucial element of SEO which is directly related to the seamless user experience. You may already know about the efforts made by the brands which are trying harder to deliver better website experience to the target audience.

You should follow them in this race as meeting the customer expectation is a new way of getting, engaging and converting more prospects to a qualified customer.


Choose the appropriate file type like PNG-8 or JPEG:

JPEG is used in past few years a lot but now PNG has taken its seat and got popular. It does not mean any restriction in the use of JPEG as it holds some beneficial features which overweigh PNG. JPG can be compressed at the fairly low file size without losing the quality.

PNG does not degrade when re-save and have more colours. So choose the file type as required.


Name your imes in simple language:

To optimize your website in terms of SEO, give a keyword rich and descriptive name to the images on your website. The content of your website as well as image names are read by the search engine crawling bots.

Moreover, your audience search by the simple words and not with some irrelevant sequence of letters and numbers so optimize your image name as well.


Cut the extra space in the images:

The extra white space in the image is unnecessary and only increase the file size. Crop the extra part using simply the crop tool in Photoshop.

Keeping the image size exactly as needed also saves your website from heavy sizes of the images.


Other ways of image optimization:

There is a number of methods to optimize the images for:

  • Dimensions and angles
  • Alt attributes
  • Thumbnails
  • Background by making it transparent


All done? Now test the images:

For e-commerce websites, images are of real importance and there is not a single product shot but for the satisfaction of the customer, products are photographed from different angles.

For improving the website speed of these online stores, there shouldn’t be a lot of images on a page. Reduced number of images per page enhance the click rates and enhance the overall customer experience.


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Article By: SeoExperts

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