Secrets for making highly successful Videos on Social Media

The popularity of live videos, GIFs and other sort of video content speak of their success on social media. Apparently, you do not need to check the statistics-just open the Facebook or Instagram and the tons of videos will pour out from your newsfeed to welcome you.

If we talk about stats then 80% of the people like video more than a written content.

So what are the tactics of making a great video?  How some are growing traffic on their channels while others are not? What are the strategies for successful videos?

Let’s have a look!


Know your niche:

Before diving in, it’s better to research your target audience. Who are they or what do they like?

Secondly, the videos are made for brand awareness, promoting the products or the channel. Think about your purpose for making the videos.

As interaction has become more humanized, your videos should be professional as well as not in ‘too much’ tone. Go for the storytelling and let your target audience connect and feel your brand.


Choose the style wisely:

There are many different styles of videos. You can choose what suits best for you. Usually, businesses make professional videos which are fully edited and shot by the professionals. The completely unedited or semi-edited videos are used by the social media influencers to enhance the credibility and authenticity.

Whatever your style is, it should purely depict the values of your brand and has the tendency to engage with your audience better.


Make the videos optimized for mobile users too:

Most of the people are using mobiles more than the desktops. So it has become imperative to optimize your videos for mobile users.

Another key secret is making the videos which are enticing and can be understood easily when viewing muted. As on Facebook, the video plays automatically at mute mode and it’s up to the viewer to enable the sound or not.


An attractive thumbnail:           

Interesting thumbnails catch the attention of the viewer and it’s like the first impression. It will excite about what the video is all about and improves the play rates of the video.

Choose carefully. Your thumbnail should be of high quality and show it with striking colours. It will encourage the audience to play the video so put some efforts for a great thumbnail.


Add call-to-action:

The CTAs can be included at the beginning, middle and end of the videos. A CTA always ends in sales or the subscription.

95% of the CTAs are added at the end of the videos only 16% are added in the middle. But surprisingly, the conversion rate is high for the mid-video CTAs. These stats will be helpful in devising your social media strategies.


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Article By: SeoExperts

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