6 Social Media Myths that will actually harm your business

Most of the time, new business owners implement the trendy or best practices about social media marketing they read on the internet but sometimes they turned wrong. Why?

You possibly heard that quote before,

“Do not follow the footsteps of others, leave your own footprints”.

Well, it is also true for social media marketing!

We have dug deep to find the common myths which can possibly harm your business so read them carefully.


1- Too many hashtags are great:

Technically it’s true but keep in mind that quantity cannot overweigh the quality ever!

More hashtag on your post means more reach to the target audience but it is only a myth. Studies showed that 3 hashtags are sufficient for your post and more than that will make your post look like messy and unimpressive.


2- Give all of your efforts on social media marketing:

Due to its large audience, social media channels are wise and popular choice of marketing. Social media works great for branding, influential marketing and to enhance the interaction with the customers.

It is the best but not enough for the business to attract the audience effectively. So put your efforts on social media but also on other marketing platforms as required.


3- Do not share your own content:

Just like posting the quality content, educating others through informative content also adds value to your business.

Sharing own content does not mean any bad. Content having valuable information and relevant knowledge should be shared even if it is your own content!


4- Following others? No way!

Like and follow other pages similar to yours is a good start to build up relations, add credibility and attract the traffic to your business. The connecting nature of social media allows you to build your brand personality and make your business more authoritative.

Therefore not following actually damages your reputation and also keeps you away from connecting with the wide audience.


5- Frequent posting is spam:

It all depends on your content. The only target of yours should be to post optimally. It is suggested to post 3-4 times a week but if you have quality content to share and having tons of information which can benefit others then feel free to post.


6- You should always be serious on social media:

It is considered that for marketing and promoting the business, the tone should be formal. But the examples of successful business shows that adding a touch of humour or add little emotions in what you say will actually bring your audience closer to your business.

Lack of emotions on social media is like missing an imperative factor which encourages the prospects to turn into your customers.

Have these myths ever hit your business? Share your experiences with us!

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Article By: SeoExperts

Blog Link: 6 Social Media Myths that will actually harm your business


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