How to earn extra money from WordPress Gutenberg Editor

What if you get a chance of adding more cash to your monthly income as a web designer? You will certainly be cheerful and happy.

The good news is you can do it by adding little extra efforts. In this blog, amazing ways are discussed for using Gutenberg as the source of extra money!


A little about Gutenberg editor:

Gutenberg is actually a page editor plugin of WordPress. The chief focus of this popular plugin is to make the editing simpler and easier for the users. Now you can define the layouts and the content as a block in the editor instead of using HTML or CSS coding.

It provides an incredible alignment option with the use of blocks which are advantageous for large resolution screens and responsive websites. Mobile-friendliness is another aspect of the Gutenberg which has made it a great page editor.

With so many pros of Gutenberg, the talk of its compatibility issues and need of further improvements is also in the air so before you are going to use this editor, it’s better to take a deep look at its cons too.


Now about ways of earning some cash with Gutenberg:

1- Provide paid learning and support service:

The learning of Gutenberg editor is not much hard for the developers but for the average WordPress user, it can be disturbing and stressful.

By telling them the opportunities this editor offers and showing them how it can enhance their content. The same is for the support. You can deliver solutions to their problems and support related to Gutenberg issues and transfer the extra cash in your pocket.


2- Create unique blocks:

The flexibility in editing through customizable blocks is provided by the WordPress. The use of custom blocks results in specific layout which revolves around a brand’s distinct style.

By offering the creation of custom blocks for the websites, you will enable them to conveniently manage the content of their website. Don’t worry as your efforts will never go in vain because there is always a price. So you can earn the cash by rendering paid service of custom block designing.


3- Upgrade the themes:

The new versions of the software release one after another with more features and attributes and for getting them you have to go for the upgrade.

The websites with old Gutenberg cannot leverage the features which are offered by the new one. So here you can shine!

You can provide information and benefits of the new Gutenberg themes and compel the clients to switch to the latest version. You can give their websites a new style and few tweaks as a test to add more value to what you are offering and hence more price.


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Article By: PsdConverters

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