Why UX patterns are important? Is it necessary for the designers to stick with these patterns?

In this competitive era where you see the websites with original and unique designs, there are some UX patterns which are needed to remain the same. The convenience of the user is the paramount priority because the business growth depends on your customers’ engagement and conversions and it could only be possible with the design that provides better user experience.

The significance of UX design patterns:

While browsing the websites, the users develop unintentional behavior to see some UX patterns attached to perform the specific function. For example, the icon of magnifying glass is for search. Disrupting this process by designing different patterns makes the user confused that ends up in reduced website visits and less user engagement.

For specific UX designs, it is better to stick with the rule as it helps you to provide the expected user experience to the target audience.


Is it obligatory for designers to stick with these patterns?

Adhering to some basic design patterns is good but nobody can deny the fact that creativity is the essence of an attractive website which effectively triggers your visitors to convert.

Breaking few rules for creating an innovative design is appreciable but keeping it simple will help you attaining your ultimate goals and that is bringing a fresh, inspiring design and gives user the best customer experience. Therefore your priority should be a simple design which is clear to understand and incredible enough to convert your prospect.


  • It keeps the audience engaged and prolongs the stay time on the website:

A good website design is the one which makes the website navigation easy for the user within first few seconds of the visit. Confusing designs with inappropriate patterns increase the bounce rate of the website and minimize the visits.

The similar patterns make it easy for the user to move forward on the website and navigate conveniently. Your target audience already has many options and a bad user experience on your website compels them to leave the website and open another one.


  • It reduces coding:

There are basic UX patterns which can be included in any website. It saves the designer to re-code as the pre-made code can be copied.

These basic patterns also make the overall coding process less time consuming and less hectic. This indeed left the designers with more spare time to think about new ideas and creative designs.


Final words:

The creative approach in web designing is always fruitful. But you should be careful when experimenting a new design pattern. It is a little daunting but various tools are available which help you to check that if it meets the expectation or not.


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Article By: PsdConverters

Blog Link: Why UX patterns are important? Is it necessary for the designers to stick with these patterns?


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