5 Practical Ways to control the rising unsubscribe rates?

Email marketing is critical and vital for the brands. Subscriptions mean that person trusts you so don’t shatter it by sending irrelevant emails. But sometimes it happened unintentionally and you only notice when the subscription rates start to drop.

The only way to keep the valuable audience is identifying and avoiding the mistakes. If your buyer is unwilling to read or get your emails even then you still have the chance to revert the situation by few tweaks and improvements in emails.


Plan the schedule to send emails:

Imagine of receiving an email that you received at late hours (after 8 pm), how much chances you remember that email in the morning? There remains 50% chance or less!

The right time is an imperative factor to convey your message. It is suggested that for B2B, the best time of emailing is in office hours and for B2C there is no exact timings so you can do it as suitable for you.

Send relevant and interesting emails:

Irrelevancy will hit your business hard. Most of the time, the inbox of your subscribers filled with hundreds or even thousands of unread emails and if you send boring or irrelevant emails to them then they might not read these or click the unsubscribe button immediately.

The factor of engagement falls when the emails are received frequently. You should consider sending the valuable content 2-3 times a week.

Use simple yet engaging subject line:

Due to the noisy online marketplace, it becomes necessary to be a distinct voice. This sometimes goes wrong and lead to misguidance.

While creating the subject line, make sure that it is clear, simple, engaging and non-aggressive. Avoiding these few things will make your subject lines great:

  • Do not use harsh words.
  • Do not use all caps.
  • Stay away from spammy triggers
  • The word ‘limited’ or false scarcity is not always a success.

Do not make your emails look disaster on mobiles:

When the world is going to provide better user experience, making the emails non-mobile friendly is like a nice try to fail.

The emails which stretch on the mobile devices and slow the speed of loading images cannot get the attention of your audience. Before sending check all these aspects and resolve if there is any problem.


Make your subscriber feel connected with you:

Creating the email with a simple ‘Hi’ and name will not work if you want your emails personalized and interesting.

With simple data, you can personalize the emails like recommending the products based on past purchases, the item last viewed on your website or a discount on viewed products.

Personalization is a practical way of engaging the buyers which can increase your customers’ community.

Agree with these tips?


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Article By: Seoexperts

Blog Link: 5 Practical Ways to control the rising unsubscribe rates?


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