6 Amazing and free WordPress Backup Solutions

In case of emergency, you may need the complete website backup. For getting the information about 6 most incredible and free WordPress backup solutions, here you have the benefits and features discussed in this blog.



This backup plugin has good reviews and a 4.9-star rating. Its automated backups made it easy and simple to use. If you want to upgrade your website, it provides you with a feature of transferring the live website to a local host. It also offers the manual backup solution.

Experienced professionals and people having the average technical knowledge can use it without any difficulty and if you are a beginner, a little support will be needed.


Backup WordPress:

One of basic reason for its high installation rates may be its easy working with the shared host environment and its ability to function optimally at the low memory. Full support is provided in various languages which have made it simpler to understand and use.

It is an automated backup for the WordPress website having a community which is always ready for the support if you need any help.


WP Time capsule:

This plugin backup the changes on the website according to the schedule to Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon. Easy to use for both the beginner and professionals, time capsule backup the files then compressed and zipped them.

The process of restoration is quick and fast but it does not backup the complete website every time. Only the modified databases and files can be restored.



It’s a website backup application that has a built-in security feature. You can easily restore the website anywhere but the location should be compatible with the website. It can store multiple copies of the website to different locations.

XCloner works as a Joomla extension and provides full support through forums and memberships. It requires the hosting environment of PHP, 5.2.0.


BlogVault Real-Time Backup:

In case your data have deleted or hacked, BlogVault Real-Time Backup is a reliable solution to restore your data. Using this plugin, sites can be migrated too. It provides the 30 days backup history so you can have a record of your daily backups.

When your site crashes, you lose all the data and backups too but this incredible plugin creates an offsite backup which keeps your data safe and stored in BlogVault’s server.


MyRepono Backup Plugin:

The plugin enables you to automate the backup process of the website which includes all the posts, comments, templates, plugin files and others.

It can backup mySQL tables or complete mySQL databases. The restore is encrypted which keeps the transmission and storage of files secure. An unlimited number of the website can be restored with a single account which can be viewed through file management tools.


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