Top Trends in Email Marketing in 2018

The change cannot be stopped especially in the digital realm. It is ever evolving and continues to lead the businesses towards better.

Email marketing also undergoes several changes and the only way to become dominant is to keep up with these latest trends.


Artificial intelligence – For creating emails more personalized:

For the past few years, artificial intelligence is making waves in the digital world. AI uses data to know about the behaviour and provide useful results.

Like other industries, AI is appearing as a new trend in the email marketing too. It will help in segmenting the email lists, suggesting the products according to the interest and making the emails more personalized.


Videos – For increasing engagement:

Videos have more engagement rates than the written content, shown by studies. Including videos in your emails significantly persuade the subscribers to open and read the email with performing the desired action of a website visit.

To make the emails more interactive and interesting, you can include images, social share buttons, GIFs and other add to cart options.


Mobile friendliness – For improving the outreach:

The Internet is the portal which takes you into another world and mobile is the most convenient way of browsing using the internet. A large number of the people are expected to access their emails through mobile phones.

To get the most from the email marketing, you should create mobile-friendly emails which look perfectly on mobile devices without any image stretching, horizontal scrolling and others issues.


Trigger-based emails – For right emails on right time:

Monitoring the actions taken by the customers and sending them the email according to it now becomes easier with email drip campaign.

It tracks the activity and sends the most appropriate pre-made emails to the subscriber. If someone has just signed up for your emails then the drip campaign automatically sends the welcoming emails to the newcomer. It is the perfect way of sending the most relevant email which is hard to ignore.


Bonus content – For keeping the audience stick to your emails:

There should be more diverse content in your emails which helps you to last your relationship with the customers.

With the emails comprise of business updates or information related to your products or services, it is crucial to keep the target audience engaged with another type of interesting content like tutorials, guides, tips, recipes or the latest news of your industry.


Final Words:

For years, email marketing has been showing great results to the businesses of all sizes. It might feel difficult to catch up with the latest trends but it will provide you with many benefits which increase the traffic to your website and tie more audience in lasting relationship.


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Article By: Seoexperts

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