A Social Media guide for Startup Companies

The fact is social media is vital for the businesses of all stages. In the digital world, we are heading towards a new direction of more interactive and novel ways of marketing and advertisement. These methods are fulfilling the customer’s expectation and help the brands to convert more audience into loyal customers.


Social media sites have billions of audience:

In 2017, the number of social media users was 2.4 billion which is expected to surpass 3 billion in the coming years. It has made it a powerful and attractive platform for the businesses to outreach new markets and keep the customers engaged in lasting relationships.

Here are the 5 key points which will guide you about the social selling ways to grow your business.


Craft amazing content for posts:

There are varying types of content like text, video and others which effectively keep the audience engaged with your website. In the content, it is important to create honest, authentic and credible content.

Videos can be added to your content to tell your story, introduce your team or for the tutorials. Videos have more engagement rate than the written text and have a greater influence.


Link your posts to the website:

Ensure that your posts have the links which open your website when clicking on it. The best thing about social media sites is that you can build a bridge between your website and the social profiles to drive the large traffic to your website.

Add social links on your website blogs too so that these can be shared across social platforms.


Follow the similar pages:

This misconception is common that following the pages of the competitors and the businesses which offers the same products or services as yours affects you negatively.

But this is not true.

Keep in mind that meaningful relationships with your competitors don’t steal your audience but actually, it inspires the people on their sites to have a visit to your website.


Be an active participator on social media groups:

The discussions on the groups are an essential way to access the professionals (on LinkedIn) and the target audience. By providing the valuable answers and giving your views on the relevant topics impart an impressive impression on your audience who may then start following you.

It is the first step of audience engagement. Try to make it as impactful as possible.


Promote your Facebook posts on Twitter and others:

Cross promotion of the pots is highly beneficial for you. It is important to generate the content type according to the site but the matched content can be shared on other sites too.

It also prevents you from creating too many contents.


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Article By: Seoexperts

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