Boost the speed of WordPress site: A Guide to useful WP Super Cache

Is the website you intend to open takes more time? Ok, so you have tried more than once and still slow loading time? We face this issue many times while browsing on the internet and when finding these sort of lazy websites, we do not turn back to them? Right?

The above mentioned could happen to you if you don’t provide your users with the best experience of the website visit. If you are using the WordPress then you should use WP cache plugin for a speed boost.


A bit about WP Super Cache:

This speed boosting and the user-friendly plugin works by creating the static HTML files from your dynamic blogs. These comparatively lightweight HTML files are served to the users and can be reused many times during the visit. In this way, the page loads faster and becomes convenient for the visitors.

All the visitors of your website can view the site if they are not log in or those who do not left the comments. This is a free plugin and easy to use for the beginners.


The first step is the installation of WP Super Cache:

You do not require searching for the plugin on the internet but the option is right there on your WP dashboard. It is listed in the plugin directory of the WP. You have to:

  1. Go to the plugins.
  2. Click on add new.
  3. Search for your desired plugin that is Super Cache.
  4. Hit the install button.

After the completion of plugin installation, the activate button will appear on your screen. Click on the Activate button. The plugin will activate but there are still more clicks to finally start it as the speed booster.


It’s done! Start to skyrocket your website speed:

In this step you have to go to setting then WP Super Cache plugin in the dashboard. Select caching on and click the update status. This starts improving the speed of your website.

Other given options are to further go to speed improvement or prevent caching related issues.


Advanced settings for big speed boosting:

The advanced setting tab has options of cache delivery method, miscellaneous and advanced setting. Modifying these setting helps you to greatly improve the function of the website.

  • Few changes in this section will optimize your website.
  • Switch from simple to expert and then update status.
  • Compress the files so that the page can be loaded quicker.
  • Enable the only refresh current page when comments made to enable the visitors viewing the current comment on the post.


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Blog Link: Boost the speed of WordPress site: A Guide to useful WP Super Cache


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